Asprey has a unique heritage in the design and manufacture of some of the world’s most prestigious sporting trophies.   

This dedication to quality and craftsmanship continues to be matched by a truly bespoke trophy-making service that allows clients to create their own design using the finest materials and precious metals.

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The FA Premier League Trophies

These very famous trophies were designed and made in the Asprey workshops. The largest of the two, the Premiership Trophy stands at over 900mm high and took 700 man hours to create. Every year before the trophy is presented to the winners, it comes back to the Asprey workshops to be restored

The FA Premier Reserve League Trophy

FA Premier League Trophies

Design features of the trophies include the lions and crown, which have been taken from their logo

The Premiership trophy is made from sterling silver and silver gilt, it is on a malachite, silver and gilt plinth. The crown lid is fitted with a bayonet fitting to ensure that it stays on during celebrations!

League Manager's Association Awards

Asprey create the awards for the League Managers Association Award Ceremony which is held annually. Hand-engraved in the Asprey workshops, the awards are made from crystal with a sterling silver rim.

LMA Awards

Investec Derby Trophy

The first ever perpetual trophy for one of the greatest flat races in the world was commissioned by Investec, new sponsors of the Derby, in 2010. The winner of the Investec Derby is presented with this perpetual trophy along with a smaller replica for them to keep. Designed and sculpted by the acclaimed young British equine artist Charlie Langton, in partnership with Asprey, to a brief set by Investec who wanted an exquisite work of art.

It was made in the workshops above the 167 New Bond Street flagship store, and crafted from 8.5kg of sterling silver. It is half a metre in diameter, on an exotic wood veneer base, and took over 180 man hours to complete.

Investec Derby Trophy

The PGA Race to Dubai Trophy

Made for the PGA European tour series, this design represents a towering spiral of achievement and echos the soaring architecture of Dubai.

At the pinnacle stands the hand-crafted figure of 19th Century Englishman, Harry Vardon, the world's first touring professional golfer.

Hours of manufacture: 800 hours to complete, 100cm tall

The PGA Race to Dubai Trophy

The World Championships Baton

Designed and made in-house by Asprey in 2009. A baton is held by every significant ruler or leader down the ages, and for the world's ultimate golf victory, this prize is especially symbolic. The colours of the enamel are those of the UAE.

Hours of manufacture: 400hrs; 100cm long

The World Championships Baton

HSBC World Match Play Golf Championship

Designed in house and manufactured on our workshops in 2004. This perpetual trophy is made from sterling silver on a red lacquered base. Asprey began producing this trophy for every sponsor of this event when it first started in the 1960s. The design on the plinth incoporates the triangle design of HSBC's logo along with their corporate colour red.

Wimbledon Championship Salver

Asprey supplies and hand engraves the runners-up sterling silver salvers for both gentlemen and ladies singles and 10 other winners in additional events.

Wimbledon Championships

Aviva Premiership Rugby

First designed for Zurich in 2000, the massive iconic 90cm tall trophy was remodelled in 2010 to incorporate brand motifs of the new sponsor, Aviva, including their logo in coloured enamels and their recognisable cathedral spire outline on the handle tops.

Hours of manufacture: 330hrs; 15kg total weight

Heineken Cup, European Rugby Cup

Designed in house and manufactured in our workshops in 1996. This perpetual trophy is made from sterling silver and silver gilt on a malachite, silver and gilt plinth. The map of Europe is hand engraved within hand chased lines of a rugby ball, the lid has been hand chased with rugby balls, the handle designs echoes the lines of a rugby ball, and the finial contains European stars.

Swan Transatlantic Challenge Trophy

Part of a series of elegantly inspired sterling silver trophies with swan neck handles and a stem of hand hammered curving sails.

Hours of manufacture: 130hrs; 5.5kg, 35 x 45cm

Nautor Swan 45 Transatlantic Cup

Swan 45 Gold Cup

Designed for the ultimate in fleet racing, this sterling silver gold plated trophy with elegant swan neck handles and a stem of hand hammered curving sails, matches the luxury and technical mastery of Nautor Swan.

Hours of manufacture: 130 hrs; 5.5kg, 50 x 45cm

Nautor Swan 45 Class Gold Cup

Swan 45 Class Model

An exceptionally crafted exact replica of Nautor’s Swan superb performance racing yacht, the Swan 45. This 1:25 scale model with hand-raised hull and sails and hand-engraved deck.

Hours of manufacture: 1,200 hours to complete, 6.15kg, 55cm long, 115cm tall

Detail of the Nautor Swan 45 Class Model

Zain Saudi Professional League Trophy

A new icon in Middle East football trophies, this important sterling silver gold plated trophy, features elegantly carved and chased handles as well as hand raised bowls and malachite stone base with pierced and part gilded ball top finial.

Hours of manufacture: 227hrs; 14kg total weight, 66cm high

The National Movie Awards

Asprey has designed and produced the trophies for The National Movie Awards since 2008. This contemporary award was originally designed; hand crafted, and engraved in the Asprey workshops above the flagship New Bond Street store

Polo Trophies

Asprey have enjoyed a long established history with polo, which is still maintained today. Asprey sponsor a number of events throughout the polo season, and in addition create bespoke trophies. Made in the Asprey workshops, the trophies are tailor made for each tournament, and are presented to the winning team along with Asprey gifts. Recently, Asprey has produced trophies for the Asprey World Class Cup at Hurtwood Park, and the St Moritz World Cup on Snow on the Lake St Moritz.

For more information please email or call +44 (0) 20 7758 8537

Cricket World Cup

Designed in house and manufactured in our workshops in 1997. This perpetual trophy is a sterling silver and silver gilt trophy with black lacquer wooden base. World map and Longitude lines hand engraved on the cricket ball orb which is supported by the cricket stumps. The trophy title is hand engraved on the support.

Cricket Champions Trophy

Designed in house and manufactured in our workshops in 2004. The perpetual trophy is made from sterling silver with a lacquered wooden plinth, with a silver gilt cricket ball at the top. The cricket ball is hand engraved with a map of the world. The trophy title is hand engraved on the face of the trohpy.

Cricket Champions Mace

Designed in house and manufactured in our workshops. The perpetual trophy is made from sterling silver with silver gilt details, and is mounted on a wooden plinth with a silver plaque. The design is based on a cricket stump topped by an orb that represents both cricket and the world. The orb has the emblems of the 10 test playing nations hand engraved on it.

Dubai World Cup

Designed in house and manufactured in our workshops in 1996. The perpetual trophy was produced for the inaugural Duabi World Cup horse race in sterling silver gilt. An integral design feature is the racing horses heads which are featured both on the handles of the trophies and the whips. Palm trees were hand chased on the trophies as a key design theme. Diamond set whips were given to the winning jockey and trainer, and a reduced sized replica given to the winning owner.

Royal Ascot Gold Cup

This perpetual trophy was designed in house during the 1940s and is a registered Asprey design. It was manufactured in our workshops every year until 2006. Made from 9ct gold the trophy is hand pierced and has a hand engraved knop, a cast leaf wire mounted base, and a cast and hand engraved finial. The Royal Crest has been hand engraved on the back of the trophy.

World Points Father/Son Challenge, USA

Designed in house and manufactured in our leather and silver workshops in 1998. The hand made trophy belt was presented to the winners, made from red hide leather with silver engraved cartouche, presented in a red leather box. Plaques either side of the hand engraved cartouche are engraved with the winner's name. The design has taken inspiration from the original Open Championship trophy.