The Asprey Londoner Luggage Collection

The Asprey Londoner Collection was manufactured in England and by Globe-Trotter.

Asprey has considered every detail and aspect of this luggage collection, from colour and finish to selecting the metals used on the fittings. The size and shape of the rivets and nails were thought through as well as the signature Asprey lock that fastens all Asprey leather products. All the cases are lined with chic durable hemp linen, and with a leather hand stamped Asprey label. The moulded vulcan fibreboard, used by Globe-Trotter for over 100 years, creates an extraordinary strong structure while the metallic finish of the exterior gives the piece a modern sheen.

The Asprey Londoner Luggage

Vulcan Fibre

The Asprey Londoner Luggage collection is hand made from the exceptional material, Vulcan Fibre which was invented by Globe-Trotter in Britain during the 1850s. Vulcan fibre, otherwise known as vulcanised fibreboard is as light as aluminium, yet as hard wearing as the finest leather. Multiple layers of paper are specially bounded and coloured to an exact specification with the design and production. Vulcan Fibre is fundamental to the aesthetic functionality of the luggage.


The Asprey Londoner Luggage collection is uniquely hand made and constructed from Vulcan Fibre, a natural wood top frame, and a cloth lining. All of these elements come together in the hands of skilled craftsmen at the Globe-Trotter factory in Hertfordshire.