Asprey Jewellery

Asprey has a long standing reputation for excellence in gem quality and jewellery design. We are proud to continue this heritage with spectacular new collections and extraordinary pieces.

Each setting showcases the beauty of the stone ensuring each design is timeless. Asprey's collections are inspired by British history and Asprey's own design heritage. Asprey continues to create distinctive pieces for generations to cherish.


Asprey's Bond Street workshops and our design team work together to create innovative new collections.

Asprey's precious stones are sourced from prominent mines around the world. They are then cut and polished to enhance the gem's natural beauty. Our expert gem-setters then mount the stones into beautiful, handcrafted pieces.

Asprey is delighted to accept commissions for bespoke items of jewellery and can set stones to individual specifications.

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The 'A' Mount

Inspired by an original Asprey 1930's design, the 'A' mount has evolved to become the iconic Asprey setting

The Asprey Cut

Asprey has created a diamond cut unique to the House: the Asprey Cut.

It is a modern interpretation of the cushion cut, in which four 'A's are subtly illustrated by the shape of the 61 facets.

The Asprey Cut, designed by the world-renowned diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky, holds and reflects light and brilliance. As a solitaire ring it is found in a bold 'A' setting or classic claw setting in platinum.

Each Asprey Cut diamond has its own unique identity, yet, when carefully chosen, stones that complement each other create an elegant synergy.

The Collections

From the classic Daisy Heritage to the stunning Life Ring Collection, Asprey combine the very finest in design, craftsmanship and materials to create unforgettable jewellery collections.

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