Asprey Silver

For over two hundred years Asprey has created some of the world's most beautiful silver pieces; pioneering both innovative design and techniques. Asprey continues this tradition today, celebrating young British designers and skilled craftsmen.


Silver hallmarks originated in 1260, they were a signature of purity and lasting value. In 1300, King Edward I established the requirement that all silver articles meet the standard of 925 part silver per thousand.

To ensure that these standards are upheld a series of marks were introduced, and these were overseen by the relevant regional assay office. Traditionally, they include the sponsor or maker’s mark, Asprey use ALDN. The date mark, which identifies when it was produced, the precious metal content mark, 925 for silver purity, all accompanied by the Lion Passant standard mark. Finally, the piece must include the Office Mark, a leopard’s head in the case of London.

Each piece of Asprey silver bears this seemingly subtle but important detail assuring its value and authenticity.


Above the New Bond Street Store, in the silver workshops, sterling silver takes on an enchanted quality in the hands of Asprey's expert craftsmen. Using traditional techniques, the skilled craftsmen create pieces for the store and for Asprey's exclusive clientele.