The Woodland Collection

Celebrated jewellery house Shaun Leane, has created the Woodland Collection for Asprey. Comprising of charm bracelets, earrings and pendants, the collection features whimsical charms inspired by English woodland flora. Renowned for their dynamic and contemporary designs, founder Shaun Leane is influenced by the brand's heritage and craftsmanship.

The Woodland Collection is both formal and informal. It can be a statement as well as subtle accessory and an enduring gift to be collected, cherished and passed onto future generations.

The Woodland Charms

The 18 carat yellow gold detachable Woodland charms come in five whimsical designs; Acorn, Mushroom, Oak Leaf and Pine Cone, all highlighted with brilliant cut diamonds; and the Blackberry charm features rich, purple enamel detailing. With a clasp on each charm, they can be worn with both the 18 carat yellow gold Asprey Charm Bracelet and the Oak Leaf Necklace.

The Woodland Earrings

The 18 carat yellow gold interchangeable Woodland Earrings Charms are available in the five whimsical designs; Acorn, Mushroom, Oak Leaf, Pine Cone and Blackberry. Each charm can be worn with the 18 carat and pavé diamond hoop earrings to transform the earrings into a statement piece.

The Oak Leaf

The fine 18 carat gold chain bracelet and necklaces are interspersed with sculptured rose gold, yellow gold and pavé diamond oak leaves. Partnered with the Oak Leaf Necklaces, the Woodland Charms can be worn as pendants.