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Butterfly Marquetry Wood Vide Poche








Product Description

The Silvia Furmanovich collection is constructed from native sustainable Brazilian wood in the rainforests and decorated with intricate hand cut marquetry.The collaboration between Silvia Furmanovich and Asprey is truly one of a kind, bringing Brazilian and British traditional craftmanship together.

The theme of the collection is Giants of the Amazon. The four motifs featured in this collection are the largest of their species living or growing in the Amazon rainforest.
Blue Morpho Butterfly – with a wingspan of almost 8 inches, Blue Morpho butterflies are some of the largest in the world.
Kapok Tree - the largest variety of Kapok tree can grow up to 4 metres in one year and can reach heights of 50-60 metres making it the largest tree in the rainforest.
Hyacinth Macaw - at 1 metre long, the Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot in the world by length.
Giant Waterlily – Victoria Amazonica is the largest of the Nymphaeaceae family of water lilies, with leaves measuring up to 3 metres (10 feet) in diameter.

The marquetry details are created using a lengthy process of assembling hand-cut wood veneer created from found materials in the forest. Artisans, source coloured wood that they reclaim, thereby making the process sustainable. A proprietary system of washing and soaking the wood in water and minerals, enhancing its existing colour naturally, allows for a variety of hues that is at once earthy and bold.

Product Care
Please wipe the surface with a very slightly dampened soft cloth to remove dust. The metal plaque on the base of the vide poche is rhodium plated which only needs to be polished with a soft cloth. Never expose to sunlight or any excessive heat or light source as this will damage the marquetry and may cause the wood to warp.

  • Designed by Asprey and made by artisans in the Silvia Furmanovich workshops
  • The vide poches are fitted with a removeable hardened glass insert to protect the bases from damage
  • Collection includes 4 boxes, 2 frames & 2 vide poches
  • Length : 17cm/ 7"
  • Width : 17cm/ 7"

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Silvia Furmanovich Collection

Introducing the exquisite Silvia Furmanovich collection, crafted from sustainable wood gathered from the floors of the Brazilian rainforests. This exclusive collaboration with Asprey combines traditional craftsmanship from Brazil and the United Kingdom, resulting in a unique range of products. The collection's theme centres on the Giants of the Amazon, featuring four distinct motifs, including the Blue Morpho butterfly, Kapok tree, Hyacinth macaw, and giant waterlily. 



Asprey’s London based workshops house our expert artisans and are truly unique. All products are guaranteed.



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