Asprey is excited to present an exclusive collaboration with Formula 1®, the world's most prestigious motor racing competition. A meeting of minds based on shared values, combining Asprey’s master craftsmanship and passion for design with Formula 1®’s cutting-edge, state of the art innovation has given rise to the creation of principal artifacts celebrating a new era of modern design.


This collaboration is inspired by the developments of the Formula 1® racing cars as the sport enters an exciting new era. Changes to the architecture of Formula 1® cars for the 2022 season - modifications to the rear and front wings, larger, more imperious wheels, tweaks to the underfloor tunnelling - will enhance aerodynamics, and thus the cleanliness of the air on and around the track, so significantly that drivers can get much closer to the competitors in front of them than ever before. The sport will not only become more sustainable, but the on-track dynamics will change, fundamentally.

These improvements - masterstrokes of engineering flair - have also enhanced the cars' aesthetic appeal, making them anatomically perfect for interpretation by dedicated silversmiths such as Asprey's in-house workshops - artisans with a wealth of experience in creating unique, collectible products for discerning, connoisseurial customers.

Inspired by the racing cars' seductive curves and contours, Asprey's extraordinary craftspeople have created sterling silver sculptural renderings of the vehicle in 10-inch, 7-inch, 4-inch and paperweight sizes (the larger models come mounted on a carbon fibre or lacquer wooden plinth).

The exclusive collection also includes a range of small silver goods and silk products and most recently, the Fine Jewellery Collection. All are Asprey Hallmarked and dual branded with the official trademark of Formula 1®.


The fine jewellery collection is inspired by the characteristics of the revolutionary 2022 racing car and features of the iconic podium finale. From stackable diamond set ‘Chevron’ rings, shaped like the aerodynamic soft curves of the 2022 car rear wing, to Formula 1® tyres immortalised into cufflinks realised in black enamel, 18ct white gold and bezel set diamond details in the centre.

The Floral wreaths, a celebratory tribute that historically adorned winners on the podium, have been embodied as large pendants in 18ct rose, yellow and white gold, with individual gold leaves and pave diamonds delicately placed in a circle and suspended on a pave diamond loop. Scaled down stylised interpretations of the reengineered F1® chassis has also been transformed into 18ct gold cufflinks and charms suspended by a pave diamond loop which can be worn as a pendant or bracelet.

Each handcrafted piece is unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship, Asprey Hallmarked and dual branded with the official trademark of F1®.


With a remarkable heritage in the design, manufacture, and restoration of some of the world’s most prestigious sporting trophies created in the London workshops, Asprey has also long been associated with the pinnacle of sporting success.

Ever in pursuit of perfection, and in a world where innovation and continuous improvement is mandatory to success, Asprey delivers unparalleled quality and craftmanship with a Formula 1® collection that aptly celebrates the apex of design, innovation and artistry.

Discover these unique, collectible items which celebrate the latest revolution in motoring’s ultimate competition.