Asprey And Formula 1® Come Together

A New Chapter For Motorsport

Asprey's house artisans have crafted the most exalted symbols of achievement in sport - for the Premier League and the UEFA Cup, as well as The Derby Stakes and Wimbledon Championships and other elite sporting events. Now, it is set to celebrate, for posterity, a development which Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile's Nikolas Tombazis has referred to as "Arguably the most important change in the sport's history".

Changes to the architecture of Formula 1® cars for the 2022 season - modifications to the rear and front wings, larger, more imperious wheels, tweaks to the underfloor tunnelling - will enhance aerodynamics, and thus the cleanliness of the air on and around the track, so significantly that drivers can get much closer to the competitors in front of them than ever before. The sport will not only become more sustainable, but the on-track dynamics will change, fundamentally.

These improvements - masterstrokes of engineering flair - have also enhanced the cars' aesthetic appeal, making them anatomically perfect for interpretation by dedicated silversmiths such as Asprey's in-house workshops - artisans with a wealth of experience in creating unique, collectible products for discerning, connoisseurial customers.

Inspired by the cars' seductive curves and contours, Asprey's extraordinary craftspeople have created sterling silver sculptural renderings of the vehicle in 10-inch, 7-inch, 4-inch and paperweight sizes (the larger models come mounted on a carbon fibre or lacquer wooden plinth). All are Asprey Hallmarked and dual branded with the official trademark of Formula 1®.

Asprey and motorsport have evolved, and passed through modern history, concurrently. It was in 1862 - the year that Alphonse de Rochas invented the first single cylinder combustion engine - that Asprey was granted its first ever Royal Warrant by HRH Queen Victoria. As thundering around Europe’s winding thoroughfares track became an increasingly prestigious hobby in the 20s and 30s, Asprey was going through an art deco golden age encapsulated by cocktail trays and decanters that spark passionate bidding wars at auctions today. While Niki Lauda was bossing the bends in Monaco, Belgium and Sweden in the Summer of ’75, Asprey had just received the Queen's Award to Industry by HRH Queen Elizabeth.

This is not the first time the paths of Asprey and Formula 1® have converged: in the late 90s, Asprey held a partnership with Ferrari's Formula 1® team, the results of which are highly coveted amongst collectors of objets d'art who harbour a fondness for either brand or both. It's a safe bet that the fruits of this new collaboration - a milestone, not only for the most prestigious motor racing competition in history, but for a 240-year-old heritage brand that sits at the pinnacle of British luxury - will be sought after just as hungrily in decades to come.