Asprey Silver Workshops

The Asprey Silver Workshops

One of a Kind

Asprey is unique in being the only Bond Street retailer with a fully functioning silver workshop above the flagship store. All the heritage silver sold at Asprey — as well as many prestigious trophies and private commissions — is made by our accomplished team of silversmiths, many of whom have spent their entire working lives at Asprey.

The Art of the Silversmith

The Asprey Aeroplane cocktail shaker being made in the silver workshops

The skills involved in fine silversmithing are increasingly rare. We believe it is important to keep this art alive, and ensure the skills acquired by our master silversmiths over countless years are passed to a new generation of silver apprentices.

While some of the tools and techniques used in the workshops have remained unchanged over hundreds of years, we also employ modern techniques such as CAD design and precision water cutting. In all cases, the approach that results in the best finished item is the approach we use.

Provenance & Posterity

The Asprey Aeroplane cocktail shaker in its finished form

A silver piece produced in Asprey’s workshops will endure for hundreds of years. We craft our silverware using time-tested methods, and pieces are fully repairable. A treasured piece may be handed down through the generations, its original provenance and date engraved for posterity via the Asprey assay marks.