Joy Bell Cocktail Shaker, Silver

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Vintage 'Joy bell' cocktail shaker in sterling silver, first patented by Asprey in the 1930's.

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The Design

The timeless 'Joy Bell' cocktail shaker was first introduced to Asprey's range of barware in 1932. Its distinctive design is instantly recognisable. The handle of the bell unscrews, allowing ice and cocktail ingredients to be placed within. Once shaken, the drink may be poured through the strainer at the top of the handle, once the removable section at the end is detached.

Today's designs are made by Asprey's silversmiths to exacting standards, using precious sterling silver. Each shaker is assayed and hallmarked, providing assurance of the silver's purity, as well as the name of the maker and date of creation. As with all our handmade cocktail shakers, each piece is the result of hours of skilled craftsmanship.

Product Care
Please clean the inside before first use and also after every use. To clean, fill the flask half full with warm water and add a small drop of liquid soap. Replace the cap and shake for 20-30 seconds. Empty the contents and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Leave to dry naturally in an inverted position. Please do not store liquids for more than 2 days in sterling silver containers.

To clean the exterior, a silver cloth (not included) may be used to gently wipe away light surface marks such as fingerprints. For more stubborn marks and tarnishing, use a good quality silver polish; avoiding any contact with non-silver parts. Apply to the area with cotton wool working in a circular motion until the tarnish has lifted from the surface. Wash off all traces of the cleaner with warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

  • Made in the Asprey London workshops
  • Black and red enamel details
  • Shaker and base are separate units
  • Shaker with removeable lid fits into sterling silver chassis base with silver and black wood tyres
  • Engraveable
  • Material : Sterling Silver
  • Height : 28cm / 11"
  • Width : 13.5cm / 5"
  • Volume : 1L
  • SKU : 1056101

Silver: Pursuit of Perfection

Silver: Pursuit of Perfection

Above our Mayfair flagship store, expert silversmiths pursue perfection. Skill and workmanship famed across the world.

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